SABR monitors multiple blockchains to identify and locate criminal activity.

Proprietary Data

SABR integrates data from multiple Blockchains, as well as other public and proprietary sources. SABR’s unique position and partnerships within the network underlying the decentralized digital currency ecosystem provides access and insight otherwise inaccessible.

Simply Presented

SABR brings clarity to the most complex data sets, creating intuitive, human-readable reports that hone the decision maker’s focus on the critical points of interest. The simplicity and focus of our reports preclude the need for pre-existing technical knowledge.

Personally Supported

SABR's dedicated engineers, with deep experience in both Blockchain technologies and data analysis, personally support each client. This personal support ensures that clients efficiently and effectively utilize the software to meet their goals.

Ask us how we can see beneath the surface of multiple blockchains.

Our Mission

To provide law enforcement with a view beneath the surface of multiple blockchains. SABR aims to ensure that bitcoin and other digital currencies are not utilized for illicit purposes.

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